SARM – What is it?


  1. Working properties:
    1. History of SARM usage
    2. SERM & SARM
    3. SARM types
    4. Advantages
    5. Use stages
      1. Body appearance
      2. Strength
      3. Reduction of body weight
      4. Increase of body weight
    6. How to use
    7. Where to buy

Working properties

SARM is a term that becomes more and more popular among bodybuilders although not everyone knows exactly what it means. Here you’ll find all the necessary information on SARM products – how they work and how they differ from usual steroids.

History of SARM usage

The development of selective modulators of the androgen receptor began in 1940 when the testosterone molecule was being modified. Since then pharmaceutical companies have been testing SARM owing to benefits it has for various health issues. SARM products are used to reduce obesity, increase the strength of bones and to fight various diseases.

If you use a particular SARM product – find more info in the relevant article.


SERM is an abbreviation meaning Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and SERM is an abbreviation of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators.

SARM’s purpose is to provide similar working properties of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS), being at the same time safer due to much more selective working. They both block and stimulate the same receptor depending on various conditions. They are responsible for the working of androgenic receptors, have an impact on muscle growth and transfer androgenic impulses.

SARM types

There are three classes of SARM products:

  • some of them are already clinically-examined such as Ostarine, SARM MK and SARM LGD-4033
  • several SARM products are under thorough examination such as Andarine.

We will have more to say about SARM products and how to use them when more data is available, so keep visiting our website regularly.


SARM products work similarly to androgen steroids, but show much less negative side effects as they work in a more selective way. Some of the advantages include the increase of muscle mass and strength, increase in desisity of bones, speeded up process of fat burning and faster regeneration. The product show no negative effects on the liver and does not have to be injected, which is better than in case of  steroids.

Taking SARM products is especially recommended for those who want to reduce weight or use agents that increase the efficiency during training sessions.

They are also useful for people who had a long interval between the training sessions or they have not yet used androgen-based products.

Even experienced sportsmen can take some SARm types  during PCT therapies and during the bridge phase, which is impossible in the case of anabolic steroids as they slow down the phases.

SARM effectively cures injuries unlike anabolic steroids which worsen them. Thus, using steroids like masteron, winstrol, etc., may intensify problems with joints. Some SARM products strenghten your joints and bones.

The most crucial benefit of using SARM products is that they do not convert into estrogen, are not toxic for the liver and remain undetected during most fitness competitions.

Use stages

SARM products can be taken in four different ways

  • Increase of muscle mass and reduction of fat tissue (it effectively reduces fat and at the same time increases the muscle mass. It also increases the lean body mass).
  • Strength (it increases the strength effectively and quickly because they affect androgen receptors. The product has positive effects on joints so that you get better perfomance during weightlifting without any side effects).
  • Fat tissue reduction (more effective fat burning as they reduce the amount of lipoprotein lipases).
  • Body mass increase (it’s not the best option if you want to gain mass, but it improves the working of the HPTA system i.e. hypothalamus, hypophysis, testicles.

How to use SARM products?

SARM productts are available in the liquid form, but it is not recommended to mix them with other fluids or keeping underneath the tongue. Just take the right portion, swallow it and only then take a sip of water or juice. Dosing depends on what other agents and products you use.

Where to buy?

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