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Strenght: 5/5
Durability: 4,8/5
Fat mass reduction: 4,5/5
Side effects: 5/5


  1. Profile:
    1. Medical research
    2. For sportsmen
    3. How it works
    4. How to take in
  2. Side effects
  3. Half-value life
  4. Usage, dosing
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Andarine (S4) is a substance that prevents against muscle mass loss, osteoporosis and the overgrowth of the  prostate. It belongs to the SARM, group i.e. czyli selective modulators of the androgen receptor . It is popular among sportsmen who want to increase the strenght and lean body mass without negative side effects as in the case of taking anabolic steroids.

Medical research

It has been examined thoroughly. One of the examinations showed that even small doses of S4 each day effectively regenerates muscles. Also, S4 is more effective than DHT as regards bone deisity and muscle strenght. It also effectively decreases fat tissue and builds up the lean body mass.

For sportsmen

Andarine binds androgen receptors increasing our strength and building lean body mass. It does not yield growth of fat tissue and has no negative effects on joints, liver, etc. It also protects the organism against osteoporosis. Owing to this building muscle mass is even simpler now.

How it works

All SARM products affect the androgen receptors and show behaviour similar to anabolic-based products. Andarine stimulates the build up of muscle proteins, which reflects the effects of using anabolic steroids. SARM products have no negative side effects characteristic to androgen-based products and do not negatively affect the liver, the working of the HPTA system and several others.

How to take in

It can be used individually, but its working effects can be improved by micxing with other substances – this leads to the synergy effect. Each example below shows the daily dose in miligrams. It should be used no longer than 12 weeks.

1. Strenght – take in andarine with cardarine (GW 501516) in a dose of 20 miligrams daily.

2. Losing weight: combine 20 miligrams of Cardarine with 50 – 75 miligrams of andarine.

3. Anabolic stack – andarine can be taken as a part of a steroid cycle,  which improves strenght and increase the lean body mass without negative effects.

4. As monopreparation: it can be used in a dose of 50 – 75 miligrams daily. You can gain the mass within 1-2 weeks without negative effects.

5. Triple SARM stack – it works well with cardarine and ostarine (MK 2866).

6. Bridge phase – andarine protects against the loss of muscles and can be used between the cycles.

Side effects

It has no negative effects on testosterone and liver (if taken in compliance with the suggested use). Nevertheless, it can cause periodic disorder in the working of androgen receptors although the effects are only sporadic. There may be problems with seeing when going from dark to bright rooms. You may also see with a yellow shade. If the problem occurs reduce the dosing or stop taking it for a few days. Then the sight goes back to normal.

Half-value period, usage and dosing

The half-value period for andranine lasts between 4 to 6 hours – it is then better to take it in a few doses.

Where to buy

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