CARDARINE (SARM GW – GW-501516, Cardar1ne)

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  1. Profile:
    1. Usage history
    2. How it works
    3. Medicine usage
    4. Sport usage
      1. Doping
    5. Fat mass reduction
    6. How to take
  2. Side effects
  3. Half-value life, usage, dosing
  4. Where to buy

Technically, cardarine belongs to PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors) and is usually sold as a product from the SARM group. Here we show how cardarine works.

Usage history

Cardarine was discovered at the begining of the 1990s and the ingredient has been through the first phase of research as a means of reducting fat mass. Despite this, it ceased to be manufactured in 2008. It’s used as a means of increasing efficiency and fat burning.

Medicine usage

Cardarine’s main purpose is to reduce obesity and cure diabets – it can help you reduce the fat tissue and improve the lipid profile.

Sport usage

Cardarine is used by sportsmen competing in various sports. Those who do sports requiring a lot of durability can increase it by mixing PPAR products with the AMP AICAR or take cardarine on its own. Such stack guarantees an increased RPM during the run. It allows runners, cyclists and swimmers to improve efficiency during training sessions.

As for bodybuilders, cardarine is beneficial in several ways:

  1. It improves fat burning
  2. It allows you to train longer and harder without exhaustion

After taking the dose the pulse speeds up considerably. On or two repeats are recommended. Cardarine also shortens the intervals between training sessions. Bodybuilders performing cardio exercises after the training session also use cardarine.


Cardarine has been detected in many of the disqualified sportsmen taking part in the Olympics in Beijing 2008. In 2009 WADA prohibited the use of cardarine in professional sport categorising this supplement as the one which changes metabolism and the hormone quantity in the organism.

Fat mass reduction

Cardarine repairs improper anabolic processes caused by obesity and in the pre-diabetes stage as it stimulates fatty acids oxidisation. After taking it the organism stops burning muscles and carbohydrates using energy from the fat tissue instead. Cardarine does not decrease the level of glucose as other antidiabetic drugs do. The product prevents from diabetes.

What it can be mixed with

There are a few ways to use cardarine:

  1. Strength: Taking cardarine with AICAR and/or Equipoise (Boldenon). The stack will allow you to train longer.
  2. Fat reduction: If we want to reducte the fat level in the organism you should mix cardarine with S4 (Andarine S4). It’s one of the best weight reduction stacks.
  3. Anabolic steroid stack: If you use medium doses of anabolic steroids such as trenobolone – cardarine will help you feel better by reducing the fat level in your organism.
  4. During the unblocking PCT therapy or during the bridge phase: cardarine is not a hormone-based product and it does not negatively influence masculine hormones. It can be used to keep the fat level and to improve efficiency during training sessions.
  5. Triple SARM stack: If you want to lose weight and build up some muscle mass SARM GW works well with andarine S4 and Ostarine MK-2866.

Side effects

Cardarine shows very occasional side effects, but as other products it should be taken in appropriate doses and cycles. Owing to the fact that it is not a hormone you don’t have to worry that it will affect PCT or the working of hormones.

Half-value period, usage and dosing

The usual dose for men and women is 20 miligrams a day. The half-value period lasts from 20 to 24 hours, which allows you to take it once a day. Some sportsmen take 20 miligrams an hour before the training session and the others split the dose and tke it both in the morning and in the evening.

Take the product orally and then sip a little of water.

Where to buy

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