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Durability: 5/5
Properties during unblocking therapy: 5/5
Anabolic steroid stack: 4,5/5
Positive look change: 5/5


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Ostarine is a popular SARM product (selective modulators of the androgen receptor). It was first created to prevent from the reduction of the muscle mass and to protect from osteoporosis. Sportsmen use it as an agent that improves efficiency in order to beat the opponents.

It has been shown not to cause problems with virilisation among women and can be used by both men and women.


Double-blind 12 week research wih the placebo group showed that ostarine increases the lean body mass and has a positive effect on taking more effort without side effects which are related to takin testosterone and other anabolic steroids.

Medicine usage

Ostarine is used, among others, as a protection against muscle mass reduction and osteoporosis. It also keeps the nitrogen compounds in the organism and strenghtens the joints. It’s worth using owing to many positive health benefits.

Medicine usage

LGD is used primarily to prevent from the loss of the lean body mass like other SARM products. It can also cure cancer and decrease the lean body mass loss in elderly people.

Sport usage

Ostarine works similarly to anabolic steroids, but yields much less side effects. Ostarine reduces the working of the HPTA system (hypothalamus, hypophysis, testicles) on about 10-20% and the anabolic steroids even on 95%. Owing to this, ostarine can be taken as an additional or single supplement not only within a cycle, but also during the unblocking therapy and in the bridging phase between the two cycles. As a result it is a very versatile product for sportsmen.

Women can take ostarine as a much safer alternative than steroids as it does not cause the growth of hairs on the face, enlargement of clitoris and other masculine features. Oatarine  is also common amongst powerlifters and bodybuilders as it strenghtens bones and joints.

Curing properties

Another reason why ostarine is so popular is that it strenghtens bones and joints. It is a very important property as the athletes often suffer from forearm injuries, neck, back and joints pains as well as many other injuries that are hard to cure. Many sportsmen make errors by taking harmful tranquilisers, which does not help, but allows you to keep training. The consequences may include some chronic health problems.

Ostarine strenghtens tendons, ligaments and density of bones even it used in a dose smaller than 20 miligrams a day. It does not cover up the pain problem, but makes it disappear completely. It is for these reasons that sportsmen should be pleased with ostarine


All SARM products including ostarine are disallowed by WADA since 2008. Despite the prohibition, Nikita Novikov, the Russian cycling champion used it until 2013.

What it can be mixed with

Ostarine can be taken in a few ways depending on what effects you expect:

1. Durability – you can taki it with Cardarine to improve the durability before the training session or running.

2. Duing the PCT phase or the bridge: ostarine has the smallest supressive acting property if used in a dose of 25 miligrams daily for 4 weeks or shorter. Thus, it can be used during the PCT therapy or during the bridge phase in order to keep strength and muscle mass.

4. Triple SARM stack: If you want to lose weight and gain muscle mass – ostarine can be used with andarine and cardarine.

Side effects

Ostarine is not harmful for the liver, does not increase the blood pressure and shows no other negative effects on other internal body organs. Some people using ostarine claim to have suffer from gynecomastia after taking in larger doses for a longer period of time. Ostarine does not cause any serious fluctuations of sex hormones if it is used for 4 weeks or shorter in regular and appropriate doses. No unblocking therapy is required after using ostarine. People who take ostarine in larger doses or for longer periods of time should undergo unblocking therapy.

Dosage and half-life

Recommended max dosage of Ostarine is around 20-30mg once a day for men and 10mg for women. It has a 24 hour half-life.

Lowest recommended aesthetic dose (meaning for physique improvement) for males is 10mg. Lower doses will likely produce very little results to be noticed in terms of muscle gains, but will help with join health. Women’s lowest recommended dose, for those seeking physique improvement, is 10mg a day, and it should be noted that therapeutic doses of as low as 5-8mg a day have been reported to be beneficial to both sexes.

Benefits to bones and tendons have been reported at dosages as low as 10mg per day.

Where to buy?

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