Sarm LGD (LGD-4033, Legend)

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Weight gain: 5/5
Fat tissue reduction: 4/5
Strength: 4,5/5
Side effects: 5/5


  1. Profile:
    1. Usage history
    2. How it works
    3. Medicine usage
    4. Sport usage
  2. What it can be mixed with
  3. Half-value life, usage, dosing
  4. Where to buy

LGD-4033 (sarm lgd) is the strongest agent in the SARM class (selective modulators of the androgen receptor ). It is one of the latest products of this type.  LGD-4033 has the usage similar to anabolic steroids as regards its strength.  Owing to the above it has the strongest effect on the miligram of weight and it provides the quickest increase in the body mass.

Usage history

LGD has been created to cure diseases that spoil muscles as well as curing cancers and diseases related to the loss of the body mass. Similarly to anabolic steroids LGD would be used medically, but it was then noticed that it effectively improves the efficiency of the organism.

How it works

SARM LGD selectively binds the androgen receptors, which means that it has effects only on the bones and muscles without any negative effects on prostate and sebaceous glands like anabolic steroids. The research on the volunteers have shown that LGD shows no side effects even when its dose is 22 miligrams daily. It also increases the lean body mass and reduces the amount of fat in the organism. It has unmatched effect as regards the increase of strength, regeneration and general health.

Medicine usage

LGD is used primarily to prevent from the loss of the lean body mass like other SARM products. It can also cure cancer and decrease the lean body mass loss in elderly people.

Sport usage

LGD-4033 (sarm lgd) is the strongest agent in the SARM class similar to anabolic steroids. An advantage of taking in LGD is that it has no side effects which are frequent during the use of andogen steroids. For sportsmen playing American football, rugby, hockey, etc., the benefit of using LGD is most visible. It is also often used by powerlifters as it guarantees an instant effect. While using 10 miligrams of this substance for 8 weeks most of them noticed a considerable improvement of the results.

LGD does not harm soft tissues unlike anabolic steroids. On the contrary – they strenghten them by affecting the bones. Similarly to other SARM products it can be used independently or along with other SARM products or anabolic steroids. As a result, it is one of the most universal product that can be used by almost all types of sportsmen.

What it can be mixed with

There are several methods of using LGD and each of them provides different benefits for the sportsmen.

1. Body mass growth: LGD is the best SARM product as regards the increase in the body mass growth. 10 miligrams used for 8 weeks has vital positive effects even without mixing it with other products. Some experienced sportsmen use from 10 to 15 miligrams of LGD daily. During the cycle in which you use LGD you should increase the amount of calories and visit the gym at least 3-4 times a week.

2. Fat reduction: One should combine LGD in a dose of at least 5 miligrams daily with standard doses of S4 andarine and GW cardarine. Using LGD alone is not recommended for people who only count on loosing weight as it will be much better to use it in combination with other SARM products.

3. In combination with anabolic steroids: LGD can be one of elements of the steroid cycle to increase the lean body mass without side effects. To obtain this goal you can add from 3 to 15 miligrams of LGD daily to your steroid cycle.

4. Body shaping: Anotherusage of the LGD product is the increase in the lean body mass and burning fat at the same time. LGD has a very strong effect in this case – especially when you mix it with cardarine, strict diet, cardio exercises and strength training.

5. Between cycles and SARM usage: LGD is frequently used in the bridge phase with Andarine S4 as it effectively supports keeping the muscles in a good shape between steroid cycles. Take from 3 to 5 miligrams of LGD daily and the moderate dose of S4 with Performax AlphaMax (arimistane with supplements). LGD should not be used during PCT therapies.

Side effects

LGD is one of the strongest and most important SARM products which has the strongest supressive effects. Crucially, side effects of this product do not much those of other anabolic hormones. Therefore, during PCT therapies it is suggested to use LGD.

LGD is not toxic and you don’t have to worry about your liver. It doesn’t cause problems with an improper distribution of fat tissue, which happens often while using steroids. LGD may be used as a steroid stack in which case you need to use it with other supplements like Cycle Support 2.0 or Brawn ON CYCLE PROTECT.

Half-value period, usage and dosing

The half-value period is longer than that of other SARM products – it lasts from 26 to 38 hours. LGD is a very strong product and so it suffices to use only a small does to benefit from its features. An average dose is 10 miligrams a day and the cycle length is 8 weeks. It’s up to you on how much of LGD you’ll use – some users take 2 miligrams and others – even up to 20miligrams.

Where to buy

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