Increase in efficiency: 4,2/5
Increase in durability: 4,2/5
Speed increase: 4,2/5
Strength increase: 4,8/5
Muscle mass increase: 4,9/5

SARM RAD-140 is a product that belongs to selective modulators of the androgen receptor (SARM) which is developed by the Radius Health Inc. company.

How do SARM products work?

They influence the working of androgen receptors, The research on these products has begun in 1940 by modifying the testosterone molecule. The products o this type decrease obesity, strenghten the bones, protect against diseases and the loss of muscle mass. RAD140 belongs to SARM products that act in a similar way to anabolic steroids, but it does not cause any side effects.

On RAD140

RAD140 has similar properties to those of testosterone, but it won’t have negative effects on the organism unlike steroid-based products. It can be used as an alternative to testosterone. It has been shown that RAD140 has a similar impact on muscle growth as larger doses of testosterone and it has better working properties than testosterone.

RAD140 properties

It can be taken by several different groups of people

  • Those witha low level of testosterone (resulting from health problems or anabolic steroids).

  • Bodybuilders in the bridge phase between the cycles. Imagine that you can use testosterone between steroid cycles without any worries about how it influences your hypothalamus, hypophysis, testicles. TakingĀ  SARM gives you more strength after the cycle. It also keeps your muscle mass on the right level.

  • It’ an alternative for those taking ledicaments increasing training efficiency and those who worry about side effects. You can take one RAD140 cycle instead of anabolic steroids and top worrying about side effects caused by taking steroids.

  • Those who suffer from gynecomastia. RAD140 acts similarly to testosterone, but it shows no side effects typical of estrogen. It can then be taken to reach similar effects as when taking testosterone, but without troublesome gynecomastia.

Medical research

Rad140 is currently in the first phase of tests and so there are only few researches on its working properties. So far it has been shown that the substance increases durability and speed during the training sessions. You can easily gain strength and muscle mass. Its advantage is an excellent bioavailability while taking it orally.

Side effects

So far no negative side effects have been discovered. Taking RAD140 you don’t have to worry about the increased amount of estrogen, progesteroneand prolactin. It also minimally decreases the amount of testosterone, but it should be borne in mind that it is a new product and the research has still being carried.


RAD140 can be taken in 12 to 30 miligrams doses daily and owing to a long half-value period it suffices to take it once a day. Always math the dosing to the length of the cycle (you can take it from 6 to 12 weeks). Most of the SARm products is available in a liquid form. You don’t need to keep it under the tongue or in mouth before it absorbes.

Where to buy?

So far RAD140 has not been registered as a medicament and is unavailable in pharmacies and drugstores. This should change when more research is carried. You can buy it in a trusted online store at an authorised seller.