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Weight gain: 5/5
Fat tissue reduction: 4/5
Health improvement: 4,5/5
Side effects: 4,2/5
Overall rate: 4,5/5


  1. Description:
    1. How it works
    2. Research and medicine usage
    3. Sport usage
    4. How to take in
    5. Side effects
    6. Half-value period, usage and dosing
    7. Where to buy

SARM-MK 677 is a substance stimulating the increase in the production of the growth hormone. It has a similar effect on that hormone as ghrelin – the substance produced by our organism. In the last 10 years the substance have been examined as a means of increasing the level of IGF-1 and the growth hormone shortage in childen and elders.

What’s interesting is that SARM-MK 677 may become a safer and cheaper alternative for the growth hormone.

Today, many sportsmen use this preparation owing to the fact that it improves the organism’s efficiency, strength, allows to get rid of fat and grow the lean body mass. SARM-MK 677 may become very popular in the future due to a large number of fake growth hormone products on the market, but also due to its illegal selling in the form of products that have a low level of the active ingredient.

How it works

SARM-MK 677  increases the production of several hormones in the organism. The hormones include: the growth hormone and IGF-1. It has no effects on cortisol. After taking in the hormone the production of IGF-1 increases along with the production of the growth hormone. It leads to several important benefits described below. It also allows to reduce the body weight as it changes the fat metabolism.

Research and medicine usage

Research on SARM-MK 677 shows that it increases the lean body mass as well as  bone density. Crucially, it also has impact on the proper distribution of fat in the organism. The research has shown that people who gained lean body mass do not experience the deposit of fat around body organs. What is more, despite the caloric shortage it is still possible to grow body mass.

Sport usage

SARM-MK 677 increases the amount of IGF-1 and the growth hormone even with a negative nitrogen balance. It means that you don’t have to care that much for your diet and to exercise a lot. During SARM-MK 677 usage you always grow the body mass and reduce the fat level. SARM-MK 677 benefits in a few important ways on the sportsman’s organism:

  • it reduces the fat level
  • it makes the body mass to grow
  • it makes the injury recovery faster and the bone strenghtening more effective

The product improves durability and has positive effects on the mood, sleep and overal health. SARM-MK 677 increases the natural amount of the growth hormone and IGF-1  – without side effects and high costs.

How to take in

Depending on the needs SARM-MK 677 can be taken in in a few different ways.

  • Strength: Many sportsmen who trained strength sports also used the growth hormone. SARM-MK 677 will do the similar job. It needs to be dosed with a 20mg of cardanine (SARM GW) daily , which significantly improves durability. This will allow you to beat your opponents in the next race.
  • Weight reduction: SARM-MK 677 prevents from depositing the fat in the organism and allows you to lose weight. Those who use it show no signs of gaining weight and if you want to even improve the effects it offers you should use it with andarine s4/ostarine and cardarine. Such mixture burns fat even more effectively and quickly.
  • Increasing the lean body mass – all of those who train wish to increase the lean body mass and to reduce the fat level. This step may be hard if your genes are not that good. SARM-MK 677 increases your chances for success, especially, if you use it with LGD and anabolic steroids.
  • General health: SARM-MK 677 improves the mood, sleep, decreases the cholesterol level in the blood and improves the body recovery. Mixing it with such products like Al Cycle Support 2.0 (liver, heart, prostate, antioxidants in large amounts), Ostarine and Performax Alphamax you get an excellent mixture. It can be used by all who suffer from frequent injuries, who are between steroid cycles and who want to improve their general health without using risky anabolic steroids.

Side effects

SARM-MK 677 has much less side effects than the growth hormone and anabolic steroids. One of the side effects which appears after takin it in it the increased hunger. People who use it may have an increased appetite for red meat or carohydrates. Similar effects appear also after using the growth hormone and they can be beneficial for those with lean body mass gain problems. Another quite sporadic problem may be water keeping in the body, which may be remedied by implementing some diet modifications. People who experience this effect should use duretic agents. Importantly, most people do not experience such problems/effects.

SARM-MK 677 is a product that, according to the research, allows to keep the low level of prolactin and cortizol even when the level of the growth hormone and IGF-1 increases. This is a major advantage for people who worry about the increase in the level of these hormones. The research and tests on people has confirmed that using SARM-MK 677 does not increase the level of prolactin. The use of Performax Alphamax along with SARM-MK 677 acts as a remedy agent which allows sportsmen to forget about high prolactin level problems. It also contains the extract from mucuna pruriens which further decreases the level of that hormone.

Half-value period, usage and dosing

Similarly to other agents and products belonging to the selective modulators of the androgen receptor the half-value period of SARM-MK 677 is 24 hours. Because of this it suffices to use it once a day orally and then drink some water or juice. It should not be mixed with fluids. I recommend using this agent after waking up and on an empty stomach. You should eat only after 30 minutes – the same usage as recommended in the case of using the growth hormone. Standard dosing is 20-30 miligrams daily. Some sportsmen tak in from 5-10 miligrams even up to 30-50 miligrams – depending on the needs.

Where to buy

You can find SARM-MK 677 in our UK store (Project XXL).